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When the Fab Four parted ways at the close of sixties, the band’s chief frienemies John Lennon and Paul McCartney both saw their divorce as a liberation, a chance to pursue their true artistic callings. For The Cute Beatle this meant finding a home atop Billboard’s charts with a fun but forgettable series of silly love songs. Meanwhile The Smart Beatle sought a nobler path and created some of the most earnest, achingly humorless songs ever put to wax. I guess it’s true that the children (in this case, fans) suffer the most in divorce.

With a soft summery palette, lovely scenery, great atmosphere and a couple very much in love, this real wedding is a real treat for the senses and we're very grateful to photographer extraordinaire David McClelland for sharing his gorgeous images with us today...

Reamonn - Beautiful SkyReamonn - Beautiful SkyReamonn - Beautiful SkyReamonn - Beautiful Sky